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Retail packaging

✔Olives in bags
✔Olives in jars
✔Olives in vacuum

Food service packaging

✔Olives in barrels

PLATON is a newly established private company in Livanates, Fthiotida. The company has been trading in olives both in local and foreign markets for more than 9 years. The family firm has been specialized in standarizing and retailing consumable olives both in convetional and organic agricultures. The firm’s products meet national, foreign quality standards of food health and safety.

The process of standarizing olives takes place in our private packing plant. A great amount of olives comes from family’s own olive groves while a significant proportion of olives is purchased directly by local olives producers, according to business’s standards.

The first stage of olives’ processing includes selection, maturation and olives’ process with corers. Finally, we standarize and containerize olives in mason jars, plastic pets, vacuum and bags.

Our goal is to provide markets with high quality products…